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Originally Posted by trailranger View Post
Funny thing I was just talking to my wife about "IF I Had a million dollars, BareNakedLadies was playing in the backround just before we headed out to walk our dog Axle.

And I began to talk about building a indoor, asphalt track.

I would build an indoor asphalt track with some "Green" Twist.

The hobby shop will need to be on a spearate climate control system. The idea is to have the track as passively cooled and heated as possible.

The Asphalt would be recycled: Recliamed asphalt, crushed glass and recycled rubber. About 5% of the total mix would have to be new Asphalt, to ensure good binding.

Under the asphalt could be a radiant tubing, but would be real expensive if the indoor track was to be "unconditioned" If thoughts were made to add heating and cooling the track, the cost would be marginaly higher.

The radiant tubing could be heated through the use of solar collectors. The pumps would be solar powered. The collectors should be oriented for the most winter gain, and least summer gain. This would allow for the track to be warm (80ish) while the interior could be a comfortable 72 since the track is heating the airspace.The track could be also be heated by a backup highefficiency boiler system, instead of natural gas furance air furance.

Passive solar gains to heat the building could also be incorprated by clerestories. A reflector/difuser could project light/heat to the track surface during the winter months eliminating the demands on the radiant heating system. Clerestories would prevent direct sunlight entering the building during the summer months, but will allow ambient light in. Cutting the cost of Lighting during daylight hours.

To cool, I would use a heat chimney to draw in fresh cool air. By having the clerestories window open, and intake vents near the ground level opened also. Or just adding powered or passive vents to the top. Less heat gain will happen if the roof is a "green" roof with grasses ontop or heat reflective glazed sheet metal

Planting trees and shrubs near the building can also prevent heat gains during the summer and provide a cooler intake air for the passive cooling

Just my thoughts if I had a million dollars. Drivers stand height is a function of track size. Bigger, means higher. Make the track flat and smooth. Plan for a hybird layout where is a constant layout but also unpainted sections and movable boards so the track can change, maybe into a OVAL track. Pitti cooling is critical!
Man, does walking th edog always have that effect on you? Sounds really cool though, if you build it, I will come.
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