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I would rather have,,, (b) a rolling (elevations changes) asphalt track, I would like the longest straight banked as It connects to the big sweeper turn and bank the sweeper also.

I would rather have,,, (b) typical boards and flappers.

I would pay more to race inside out of the heat and cold.

I would like the driver stand to be? As high as necessary to for everyone on the stand to see their car perfectly, so I go for the 9’ driver stand.

I would like the driver hand rail to be? High enough so I could rest my lazy hands on the rail instead of having to stand like a robot while driving the race car.

The best day for racing is? Any day is good for me but I would like to chose for Sunday during the summer during Stock car racing season, and Saturday would be good after that..

I feel that big events should have a cap on entries and be limited in length. I do understand some of the reasons one would like to make these changes on the length of the race but being that I like racing so much, too much racing is not a problem for me, seriously though; it would help to keep the costs down for the individual racer and the sponsor or host of the event. True

I would like to see race promoters/hosts limit the classes they cater to in order to create larger classes True, but I would like to see an entry lvl class that beginning racers can hone their racing skills before they race the more advanced classes. I have seen this approach work and the entry point these classes provide for one that is interested in getting into the sport is good for the sport and the racing industry as a whole.

I hope this helps and doesn't confuse the situation.

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