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Originally Posted by schreff View Post
You can find several setups throughout this thread regarding asphalt setups. Search for posts from Larry Fairtrace as he has a heck of an asphalt setup this season. He's been basically unstoppable on rubber tires this summer.

As for special stuff needed for the car, I wouldn't say there's much. Outside of the kit, get the following for rubber tires...

-2 Sway Bar Kits (same front and rear)
-41 and 42 tooth spool pullies (both for tuning purposes)
-2 Sets of 15lb springs (kit comes with 30s and 17.5s)
-45wt and 40wt shock oils (kit comes with 50wt)
-1 degree rear hubs
-0 degree and 1 degree arm mounts (car comes with 2 degree rear mount)
-Extra set of turnbuckle, .380 ball studs, and ball cups to put a standard camber link up front (replacing the Jr link the car comes with)
-.165 and .195 aluminum hexes (comes with .165 plastic hexes, aluminum is much preferred)

That should do it as far as setup items you'll need. That'll cover you for both carpet and rubber tires. The only thing I didn't list is a 1 way front diff. You only really need that for rubber tire carpet racing. Asphalt is usually always a spool. If you do plan on running carpet with the car at some point, make sure you get some 6* caster blocks as the car comes with 4* blocks. Any other questions, we're here to help.

Thanks alot really appreciate it
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