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Originally Posted by The Bear View Post
for carpet, Corally has ruled the scene for a while with constant battles with x-ray.
I haven't seen the Corally as a threat for well over a year. This opinion comes from watching it in the hands of amateurs locally and observing results by the pros at the big races. To my eye, it is a push demon on carpet-foam with perhaps the worst diff on the market (but you can spend $$$ to upgrade now), and no results to speak of on rubber.

On rubbers it looks like the 416 is king, followed closely by 008, Type-R, and Cyclone.

On foams, the 008 might be king, but the Type-R and TC5 are right there with it.

It's possible that the small-quantity cars (Mi3, Magic...) are good, but I've never seen them and I've never heard they've won anything impressive.

When someone is intent on excelling in an otherwise laudable manner, does he not desire to inflict pain on others by means of his exalted status and enjoy the envy he arouses? Is there not an anticipated delight in an artist's ability to defeat his artistic rivals, which heightens his euphoria in creation?
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