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Light-thanks for the nice pic.
Boomer-Thanks for the post. I may as well repeat some of that research from the Pantoura thread here. The guys in Europe are running wide pans on large 1/8 scale tracks. The guys promoting World GT class conveniently forget all those guys that have kept 1/10 pan alive. I had raced my wide pan with the Nitros on a similar long 1/8th scale track. What I wanted in a motor is one whose power band matches the traction of the pan car. If you take a look at my recent Peugeot photo you can see that I run the maximum 2 inch chord wing. (Also run the side dams for high speed stability). You are giving up a lot of forward traction if you don't. When the car reaches about 25 mph this wing and spoiler really starts to bring in the rear traction. Thats where you want a good power peak or good punch (not at 10 mph). I really like the Novak 3.5 for this reason; it has a soft bottom end. The wide pan car likes a 3.5. It has a soft bottom end. This keeps from breaking the tires loose. It helps you roll on the throttle smoothly. You reach full throttle about mid straight. Gear it 90/12. With this low gear I can pull the front wheels up in spots on high traction days. This maximises forward traction by transfering weight to the back. Also consider the 4.5 at about a 90/14. It has more bottom end punch, though, and will break the rear tires loose. I run it with Lipo and an LRP Sphere comp TC edition with no thermal problems. You don't have to overgear these two motors to get the speed you want. It is very much OK not to use full throttle on every little straight in the layout.
The LRP 3.5 is too punchy, more like Novaks 4.5. The LRP 3.0 cannot be geared low enough on a pan car from reports I have seen.
I ran the Novak 3.5 on our short 175 foot oval recently in the wide pan. It was very manageable. I could just get full throttle on each of the very short straights. Wicked fast lap times.
When I was brand new to pan I had a 6.5 and a then purchased a 3.5 on a hunch (I expected a soft bottom end like a 9 turn). I was right, the 3.5 with soft bottom end made the car more manageable.
Now as far as the car flying. Do you see the Nitros leaving the ground at all. If you have bumps like this the car may go airborne. I talked about ways to
prevent this earlier in this thread.

Quante-go for the Gold. Forget that center pivot. You will never go back. Maximise the 3-link peformance.

pic Peugeot 905b fullsize winning Lemans
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