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Originally Posted by beez View Post
New trucks are cool but I think this truck will hurt CORR-style rc racing more than help it.

A lot of people are digging the slash because it's cheap and fun. My guess is that this truck will cost significantly more and will be faster around a track and less durable (more race-like). So the two trucks probably won't really be race-able against each other. It will then turn what was a "just for fun" class into something where you have to keep buying new stuff to be competitive, like every other class.

Maybe I'm wrong, we'll see.
You might be both right and wrong. I'm sure an AE stadium scaler truck will be more competition-based than the Slash, and Associated has every right to make it that way.

But what I'm seeing is a total restructure of the way R/C stadium racing is run. CORR rules are fairly loose when it comes to how the trucks can be built, mostly it comes down to things like engine output, minimum weight, and suspension layout (wheelbase, track width, travel, etc.). Other than that, as long as they're happy with the way your rollcage is constructed everything is fair game.

I say why not take that attitude with R/C? Instead of trying to come up with a strict set of rules in an industry that's constantly changing, let's just go back to saying "it has to be this kind of chassis, with this kind of motor, and this kind of tire, and any disputes will be resolved by the race director". That's how it was back when I got started racing Stock Truck, the only rules were it had to be a stadium truck chassis, 27T motor, 2.2" truck tires, and a 6-cell battery. 'Course, the coming of brushless motors and LiPo batteries is what f**ked this whole operation up to begin with, but that's a whole other kettle of fish.

Long story short, instead of wringing our hands over trying to come up with umpteen rules and regulations for trucks that manufacturers haven't even released teaser photos of, let's just keep it simple, use common sense, and let the industry sort itself out.
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