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Originally Posted by driftnut View Post
Thanks Ed, I'll have to stop by and check it out. The New track looks awesome. Well, I guess i gotta get some higher Mah Batteries if i want to race but was planning on it here shortly so its all good. The tires im running now are the stock Duratrax Block pins in the rear and ribs in the front. They work good on my Mini dirt track when i damp it down, but in dusty/dry conditions, it spins out easily if i give it to much throttle.

Thats great theirs another brushed motor out thier, Gives me something, well someone to chase down and try to pass! lol. That probably wont happen for awhile as I've never raced the track before. I Seen theirs a guy with a MRC Buggy. Is that 4wd or 2wd. That things sweet.

Thanks for the Help ED- is that #6 buggy yours? Driver has skill for sure.
yea ed runs that paint scheme on all his cars....he is a really smooth driver to..not always the guy that has mad horsepower,,but very good throttle control...

i also use nimh batts/brushed motors..

i have a choice to pick from.i might be able to help ya out there..

i also have some older batts that i dont use to much anymore...they are 3800..i could cycle them and you can try them out.i soldier my batteries direct you would either have to get plugs or just soldier them direct..there is a few guys there that have soldier they could hook you up...

ed is right about your buggy///heck you might not even need to stiffen you shocks out...your double that you made in the back might be that the suspension bottoms out cause your over shooting the landing and when it does land it be like hard on the suspension.

as for dont really need to play with changing spurs...but changing pinion gears will work just fine to fine tune the gearing for speed.

donw the straight is all ya need the speed...its really easy to overshoot any jump that they have there.

hope this information helps.

A big thx to all the tracks that I race at:cause if it wasnt for these guys..we wouldnt have a place to race our r/c cars!!!
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