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Default RCHQ New Layout -- Video

I put this together for the people that are going to San Antonio in a couple of weeks for the Tx R/C Pro Series race. They just built a new layout and this is the first video to show it. Just a few cars on the track it wasn't a race day. This Friday I'll get the first race footage from the new track and on Sat I'll be returning to the site of some of my biggest R/C racing successes Litespeed Raceway for the 4th of July Cash Money race at the drag strip. Then the Tx RCP race the next weekend. Looking pretty good for this month as far as video opportunities go.

Embedded -- not uploaded should be ok by 4pm central


This one is shot at 30 frames a second progressive. The image is awesome the only problem is I haven't figured out how to use slo-mo with it without it being choppy. There is bound to be a solution but I haven't found it yet.

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