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Originally Posted by CraigM View Post
I asked this question a few pages back but I think it got a bit lost...
what effect does using more spacers under the rear camber links have? I understand what effect changing the angle has on roll centre but many of the setups I've seen use around 3mm under both sides of the link & don't understand what this does when compared to the kits .5mm under each side
David Spashett originally gave me the idea to try this on the 415 (raise the rear link up). He said that it helped to smooth out the rear of the car, and make it less snappy, which was useful for carpet. You know what, he was right....

Or to be a bit more scientific...It does alter the roll centre and camber characterisrtics. On the 415, adding 1mm under the inner link lowered the RC by about ~0.6mm, whereas adding 1mm under the outer link lowered it by ~0.8mm. Effectively, the outer adjustment is coarser than the inner. I haven't measured the same on the 416 yet, but it is not hugely different to the 415 in terms of geometry, so they will probably similar there.

Also moving the links up will alter how the camber changes through the suspension being compressed. Haven't figured that one out in my head yet (although my guess is it helps reduce the amount of change).

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