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Originally Posted by seaball
i think the lw bulkheads are probably a good tuning aid for asphalt.
Originally Posted by smitty2802 View Post
will i want them for carpet then chris???
that would be a no, sir.

Originally Posted by justin lessard View Post
asphalt- LW bulkheads ( for additional flex and grip )

carpet/lipo- kit bulkheads ( so you dont to so much stick on weight stuck on )

carpet/conventional cells- LW bulheads ( because the cars a bit on the tubby side )

Goetz is gonna get me for this!
only for the mispelling.

justin's dead on. our car's a tubby bitch. but with lipo, that changes everything. imagine how much lead a tc5 is going to need jammed all over the car with a lipo! our car should still be attractive in this situation because it was so heavy to begin with.

i fought all year to stay at 50oz with ni-mh for foam tires. now, with the gbs bodies being 0.030" and brushless taking over, there's no possible way this is going to happen with the carpet chassis.

so, what i'm saying is, go with lipo, and save the additional spending for traveling to the series, rathing than on exotic ways to lighten the car.
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