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You don't need 2 washers, just crack the plug loose 1/4 turn or so until the engine is running. Then tighten the plug after the engine runs for a few seconds and gets some heat in it. Getting a new box, or more voltage in your will not solve your problem.

Here is how to do it. You don't need a new box, just make sure your box is fully charged. You don't need a heat gun either.

Take the plug out, make sure the engine is a BDC. Put the car on the box and try to start the car with no plug in it. Let the engine run on the box for 10-15 seconds. The engine may bind, and if so pop it over TDC with a flat head screwdriver on the flywheel. Once you get the engine to spin for 10-15 seconds straight, put the plug in and do not tighten it all the way.

The engine should fire or show signs of life when you try to start it. It will stall at TDC, and when it does, pop it over TDC with your screwdriver and place the engine at BDC and start it again. When the engine gets a bit of heat in it, or runs for a few seconds straight, tighten the plug. Eventually it will idle for you and you can begin break in.

I've dont this on a couple hundred motors. It works every time, with any decent starter box with a good charge. This process generally take me about 10 minutes to get the engine to a point where it will sit and idle.
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