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to lign up the starter box remove your motor from the chassis. Put the chassis on the box and make sure the wheel is sticking through the flywheel hole. Start the starter box and spin it up to make sure it not touching the chassis at all. Spin it for about 20secs then have a good look for rubber shavings. if you don't find any, mark some lines around the 4 corners of the chassis onto the starter box so you can lign it up easy with the motor installed. this is the only way to do it properly, removing the motor i mean..

once you have the starter box ligned up and marked out 2x 3000 7.4v will be plenty enough and be useful all day.

Use a flat blade screw driver to turn the flywheel til its at Bottom Dead Center where it can spin freely til in hits the pinch zone. Put the wheel in the middle of that free turning space.

When trying the start the box, if it gets stuck do not try to start it again on the box, first use the screw driver to put it in that free'ed up zone first then try again..

heat the crank case more so then the head to about 210f-220f and loosen the glow plug just a little bit. basically just break the seal.
prime the motor! by pushing the motor down on the starter while blocking the exhaust for about 2secs. don't go over board or you will flood it...

make sure your idle gap is set correct (0.75-1.00mm) depending on your motor and then use you radio to put a little throttle trim in to make the start a bit easier.

once you have done this it should start fairly easy. heat the engine case up for the first 5-6 starts and do not let it run out of nitro until after 10 or more tanks!
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