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Originally Posted by Ed237 View Post
Matt, I know what you mean - seems like things are tight for everyone. Maybe we'll see you in July?

I check the TRS website regularly. They have a couple new things posted.

1 It looks like some sort of track update is in the works.

2 First time racers will get free admission!

That is a great incentive for anyone who hasnt tried racing yet to give it a chance. If there are enough of you with like kind and quality vehicles you might even be able to create your own class.

There are a lot of vehicles we havent seen at the track for a while like Truggies, Monster trucks, or even my personal favorite, 2wd Truck

I'm sure the TRS would be receptive to new ideas or classes like rally, vintage Tamiya, or even Radio Shack cars.

In the meantime there's always a good 1/8 buggy race, if you're into that.
i think i might try and make it to the track this weekend for some long as my rims come in at the shop there..well tires to....i got my gas truck running good to..i will talk to jeff and see maybe if he is interested in running gas truck to.i will let ya know.
A big thx to all the tracks that I race at:cause if it wasnt for these guys..we wouldnt have a place to race our r/c cars!!!
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