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Originally Posted by rcrevolution View Post
i looked at the box/chassis, and it does it a little, but there really is no alignment on this box to make it not hit... the hole on the chassis is too tiny for it.

Then its time to get out the Dremel tool and cut a 45 degree angle to the bottom of the chassis around the hole.

The best way to set up a starter box is to remove the motor, line up the hole over the wheel, lock in the pegs so placement is automatic and idiot proof (we are all subject to be idiots when the clock is ticking for the start of the next heat and the engine flames out), and then press the chassis as far down on the box as it will go..........if the wheel hits the chassis make the hole larger.

This is the cure for most starter box problems. The wheel scrubbing on the chassis is the death of most starter boxes.

Ed M.
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