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Originally Posted by Ed237 View Post
Brent - Good luck with dirt oval.

The turnout has been down in Altoona the last few weeks but Mod 4wd is starting to pick back up. Jude got a B44 and Brian D. is working on getting one together. If/when Morris and Boyles get going again we could have some very competitve mains.

Chuck and Doug had a photo finnish in 1/8 Buggy today. Stober was solid as usual and Jude finnished a Main for the first time in a month.

I was on the verge of selling my RC8 but I'm going to give it a couple more weekends. That thing hasnt been right since day one. I thought it was the motor, but I noticed air bubbles in the feul lines today and that probably means that I got one of the defective fuel tanks.

AE has new tanks made of new materials, but, they're not in stock yet so now I have to call them and beg them to send me a new one.
jeff and i do plan on coming back...i have been like broke it seems every week...and when i struggle to pay things here...well r/c just isnt

plus i need front rims for the xxx4.e-mailed chuck for the will see whats up.

higgins pm me with info that they are going to be ruinning a 4wd class there on the 28th..he wants me to come out and i might see if i can make it there for the race.
A big thx to all the tracks that I race at:cause if it wasnt for these guys..we wouldnt have a place to race our r/c cars!!!
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