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Originally Posted by PitNamedGordie View Post
You have your Vortex already (I assume) and I have one on the way. So you may have some first hand experience...But to say you don't have to play with gearing or timing is like saying your cars kit set up is perfect for every condition and shouldn't need changing. I fully plan on playing with the gearing and timing to best suit how I like to drive and my track layout. I am running a Hacker 17.5 now, and I will do a side by side comparison to see for myself. Not saying your wrong though... I just think, like your car, your motor needs tuning/setting up.
Of course you have to play with timing and gearing to get the best out of your motor, that is absolutely true. In fact, I spent a whole raceday to make my Vortex2008/Tekin RS combo as fast as my LRP 3.5(12,5mm)/ISTC combo, by changing timing on both the speedo and the motor, gearing and other settings on the esc. I ended up with the LRP combo.

what i was trying to say is that if you come up with a new product, then i would expect that the new product performs better than the old one. Just have a look at the Reedy Race pics, from what I've seen and heard, everybody driving a Vortex picked the old one over the new one. And if team drivers do not know how to make this motor fast, then who does? But we'll see whether Team Orion will come up with another rotor that fits the new motors better then the current one. Of course it could be that i got a motor from the first batch, but i have no info about the difference between the first batch motors and motors from the second batch.
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