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Originally Posted by getpip View Post
some would argue not!!

Its a real problem.. i was at the track today and did a run to warm up shifting was ok .. fitted new tyres gassed up and went out again and hey presto no shift at all ...
after this i decided to rebuild the 2 speed as per the mugen book .. even though this proved to be way off .. i wound out the screws half a turn at a time until they fouled the carrier .. still no shift... despite the motor screaming its arse off.

decided now to refit the clutch to the motor with shims behind the flywheel so i can use less behing the thrust bearing ... back to basics .. then get back to the 2speed

grateful for any more opinions .. thanks all
Ok, for starters no engap more than 0.10,. secondly rebuild two speed making sure all ajustments are even, next enlarge shoes with small grubs untill just not binding on two speed case. Some times bell hits two speed if not set up crrectly.
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