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Originally Posted by asw7576 View Post
Have you check his website b ?

It's weird rc website ...... nothing about rc cars nor rc articles

Instead I found few videos / articles of anti president Bush, and some other un-interesting politic topics, including the crazy dog Hugo Chaves..... Damn it .... it's boring.

And I don't want go to dark side ..... it's lame...., it's evil. :

i don't expect someone who doesn't know how to spell Chavez, to understand the site, it would be good though if you were open to ideas outside of the narrow confines of your limited knowledge....if you know about the history of Latin America and my parents country (Argentina) you would understand why politics to me is so important

anyway, mugen suck! i know, i used to own one Graham, look out, i had two months of racing just to let you catch i have to take you to school again next clubby or what!?
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