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Originally posted by eddiethefish
I think I know what you meant now. Your 2-speed shoe did not retract back, thereby, they lock the whole housing.

Yes, I have seen that on other MTX-3 cars.

Check the bearing balls, make sure they're adjusted properly.
2nd gear housing needs a little attention from time to time, every day I use the car, mine routine goes thru disassemble of the 2nd speed housing and some short shots of motor cleaner on the shoes and the bell to remove all the grime and dirt that can go there, haven't got never a 2nd gear failure (toc, toc, toc... touching wood).

BTW: What I seen is that the lightweight housings from 3 racing (is the unique I have) wears faster and get scratched more than the stock one, but a quick pass with 200 grit wet sandpaper puts on shape with no problems. Lube the bearing with a dab of good oil and the one way with a suitable oil (serpent one way oil works best for me).
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