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Originally Posted by PitNamedGordie View Post
Since your car is balanced it's not a problem. The car does not have to have the same amount of weight on both just needs to be balanced. I think in your instance it is a coincidence the that equal weight on both sides meant a balanced car. Balance has to do with not how much weight on both sides but where the weight is placed. For example, if you mounted 2 ounces on one side the car and put 4 ounces on the other, you can get the car to balance depending on where the weight is placed.
Actually it is not a coincidence that it has the same weight on both sides of the car. It was purposefully done that way. Basically instead of adding a ton of weight to the center of the car to balance it from side to side, I added less weight off the side of the car to balance it from side to side. Since the weight is the same on each side of the car, and it balances, that means that the center of gravity is the same distance from the center on each side of the car, so the cornering forces will be the same on each side of the car while cornering. The funny thing is, when I ran nimh cells, I still had to add weight to the battery side to make the car balance because the placement of the cells, which in turn made that side of the car much heavier than the other. Now I got equal weight and balance, and don't quite see why it could be wrong.

Originally Posted by EAMotorsports
What type of car are you running?
I am running a T2'007. And I have not added enough weight to make it equal to a nimh cell, I have only added about 90 grams to a smc 4000.
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