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Originally Posted by bmmer701 View Post
hi just want to ask if you need to balance these 5000 and 4000 smc lipo everytime you charge them? i'm about to get this 5000 smc lipo and i'm worried that my lipo balancer (trackpower) wont be able to balance the smc lipo because of the plugs. ( it balanced my orion 4800 and 3600). thanks
Unfortunately when it comes to balancing there is no standard connectors so there is different connectors and methods used.

Balancing isn't a must with our packs but balancing in theory is good for the packs.

I reccomend you get the following adapter from Common Sense RC

You can then solder this connector to the 3 small wires on your Trakpower balancer. The outer red wire on the connector from Common Sense needs to be hooked up to the red wire that hooks up to the positive wire big wire on your balancer. The outer black wire on the connector needs to be hooked up to the negative wire hooked up on the Negative big wire of your balancer and the middle red wire needs to hook up to the small wire of your balancer that is attached to the 2mm bullet connector.

If you need anymore info about this let me know I will be glad to help.
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