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Originally Posted by TomB View Post
does the SMC 5000mah 28C fit the cyclone moorespeed edition, and if so, where can i buy the packs from with a recommended balancer?

also final question, does the SMC lipo come with a corraly plug style conenction? i'm not too much of a fan of the deans type, it looks messy on the car.

Our packs are not made to look pretty and clean they are high performance packs for the racer who is looking for the best average voltage and lowest IR. The 5000 has pretty much the maximum ROAR size which allows us to put get the lowest possible IR and highest possible voltage and capacity. The 4000 has good IR and good average voltage and is smaller thus fits in all the cars.

If looks over speed counts then there are many pretty looking packs on the market for those who want the inside of the cars to look good.
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