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Originally Posted by trilerian View Post
I am kind of confused about the weight placement here. I am not understanding why putting the weight on the outside of the battery is not good. I will explain my reasoning for doing so, then I guess you can tell me where I went wrong.

I weighed everything that is on the electronic side of the car, then I subtracted the battery weight from that. Then I manufactured a brace for exactly that difference and put in on the car where it would balance the car from side to side. It ended up being off the side of the car about an 1". Now the car has the same amount of weight on each side of the car, and since it balances from side to side, that means that the cog on each side of the car is the same distance from the center. So I am confused why this is bad for car setup. This is the same process I use when balancing my helicopter blades and it has never failed. Also my car is only 15 grams overweight, and perfectly balanced.
Since your car is balanced it's not a problem. The car does not have to have the same amount of weight on both just needs to be balanced. I think in your instance it is a coincidence the that equal weight on both sides meant a balanced car. Balance has to do with not how much weight on both sides but where the weight is placed. For example, if you mounted 2 ounces on one side the car and put 4 ounces on the other, you can get the car to balance depending on where the weight is placed.
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