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Couple of things I can suggest (if you haven't tired them)

1) less rear toe-in, Try XA/D or X/D on the rear, this will give 2.5 and 2 deg of rear toe, which will help to free up the rear of the car. With a 13.5, 2.5 should be fine.

2) higher rear roll centre. Try 0.5mm under both rear suspension blocks, will also help free up the car. I notice your running a bit of Anti Squat on the car, this will also bind up the car a little.

Also, like Ken suggested, try some anti-dive under the front rear suspension block (the A block). Gives less castor (help with initial turn-in), and also helps to resist forward weight transfer.

Something else to try would also be the Short LWT arms (give a more repsonive car, and more grip ), and also wider rear blocks (say XA/E), which will give a slightly more stable rear end, but also give less overall grip.

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