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I have an old arcrylic folding one I think is from Racers Edge... Don't care for it, but it works for off road nicely... I have the nice one from Ofna with the pivoting top, comes anodized in many colors including Tamiya-ish blue... don't care for it. I only use it for building shocks. If you use it for building shocks and working on your car at the same time, if you spin your car, it will knock all the shocks off the stand.. I had a foam one, didn't care for it. I currently use my RPM pinion case most of the time, or if the car comes off the track a bit warm, I have a Trinity battery cooling stand. I know, it's foam, but for the times you need it...

I also like the short extruded aluminum ones. I have yet to run across one when I had a few spare nickels to rub together...
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