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DerekB, thanks again for your great insight. I do understand where you are coming from which is the reason I am willing to donate my services to these companies to show them my ideas and your input has been outstanding in that capacity.

I do understand that money is an issue. Which is why I want to help them create a marketing package at no charge. As you said, I have experience with multi-billion dollar companies and I know exactly what goes into creating a successful marketing campaign. I am used to harshly discriminating taste when it comes to marketing material and have a great experience in meeting the high standards that these corporations set.

While I do not have the time or money to put together a full service creative team and develop a massive campaign, I can lay down the framework and as I mentioned before I would make it available to all companies to use as a baseline resource to refine their strategies. Since, you mentioned that these manufacturers partner up on some of their advertising, that makes it even easier for me to create this resource. All I really need from them is some basic creative, logos, brand guidelines if they have them, photography and a little input as to what direction they plan on taking their businesses. Traxxas is the one that I would love to work with the most as it seems they have the right idea already and the financing to pull it off.

I can, of course, do all that myself, It would take me a work day to properly recreate their art and I can take my own photos for high quality photography. Hell, I could probably reverse engineer their brands at this point which I may do simply for the challenge.

Thanks again for adding a little fire to this thread. I love a good discussion and you sir have class.
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