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Originally Posted by TomBlaze View Post
DerekB, You drive a hard debate

To be honest, The reason I haven't seen any Traxxas ads outside of magazines is because I never noticed them. Once I started looking for them, I found them. Which brings me to the point about why I think the actual marketing campaign is a little off. I have a unique perspective because I just returned to this hobby after a very long hiatus. During that time I was part of the target audience, that they missed. Those that would have interest in RC but not actively involved. I watch a lot of TV, mostly cable like Speed Channel, ESPN1 + 2, Gameplay HD, Tech TV, Science Channel, Discovery, TLC, History Channel along with the premium channels. I saw no ads whatsoever for RC vehicles. Its wasn't until I got back into the hobby , started this thread and then looked for the ads did I see them and then only was a rerun of a Monster Truck show late at night on either SPeed or ESPN2 (it was late so I was tired). I saw Traxxas signs hanging on the walls around the arena amongst other ads.

I also read mags like Popular Mechanics and Popular Science as well as Scientific American, Wired and National Geographic. I read Newspapers as well. I saw no ads for RC in any of them.

Right now they are reaching the core audience. To bring in new people they have to market differently. This isn't harsh criticism of their practices I just think they have room for improvement and the more I look at their ad material and use their product the more I think that they are poised to be the first true giant amongst the RC manufacturers. I am speculating that they are building to that seeing how they are advertising and now I have a good understanding of their target market.

They should have the American Chopper guys build them a promotional chopper for the company. Great exposure for the product. Those guys would have a blast running around on E-Maxxes, and Rustler VXLs on the show. They also have the perfect audience for their target audience. All it would take is a phone call and about 200k+ to have the bike built plus advertising if they wanted a spot or two during the show. They can have them use a brushless motor for the bike instead of a gas engine.

I don't disagree with you that there are avenues to be explored. I guess you missed American Hot Rod when Losi was on there, or American Chopper when RC Driver did something (actually I don't know what they ran on TV, they did run some article in the magazine but I don't feel having celebs in an RC magazine does anything).

But what you do miss is that a lot of these industries have co-op advertising to get on TV (Hobby Town runs local, and local hobbyshops can advertise cheaply on TV).

HPI/AE go to Monster Jam, Pacific Coast Hobbies was at the X-Games for 3 years, done concerts at stadums (try me tracks), Hobby people out here has mailers in papers, Cen had some race on goes on and on really.

So you see there IS stuff going on, but just because you're into marketing doesn't mean you'll see it...or notice Traxxas if your just into touring cars.

I've seen Tamiya and other stuff in Playboy, Traxxas is sponsoring CORR trucks, Monster Trucks...HPI has a race car they run in a touring car series.

But it comes down to money, and while there are companies that make a lot, there are some that can't even afford to run a $500 ad in an RC magazine, nevermind the $45K it might be in a general interest magazine that you'd be lucky to get hits from.

There are lots of things going on that many people in RC are just simply unaware of, and don't look for. Instead they think complaining on the internet about something is a valid way to help.

You have a nice passion for trying to make a company more notice, I appreciate that. But I think you coming from a huge marketing team, and working for companies that sneeze millions in marketing that it scales down. It can, but money isn't something that's always there to try.
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