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Before this becomes a "Derek Versus Internet" or "Mag versus Internet" the topic of this thread is bringing RC to mainstream (if you don't think it isn't there already). I'm not here to argue if you like my magazine, or any magazine. But if you're going to discuss anything it's probably a good idea to argue with some sort of fact or logic.

Assuming that things are a certain way is a horrible, ignorant way to try and prove a point. Many people just assume things are a certain way, or just because it's the internet if they post enough it "must be true"...sort of a Wikipedia way of being right (it must be true if everybody believes it right?....wrong).

If you really want to "make a difference" don't do the usually "well everybody is wrong" and just BS on the internet. There are lots of people companies and ideas that do much more than anybody cares to understand or take in a positive manner.

I don't agree with the mentality that "magazines are horrible and do nothing but mislead everybody". I will agree that there have been articles I do agree to that with, but in general even the horrible magazines do more than most people do for the industry by posting on a website...which BTW is just like a that it's here because of advertisers and has people who have an opinion of product.
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