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Originally Posted by TomBlaze View Post
Well after seeing some of Traxxas's ads, I have to refine my opinion a bit. They are on the right track but I still think that their strategy can use a little refinement. I own an E-Maxx now and my LHS stocks a lot of Traxxas vehicles. They are durable, easy to get started with, competitive and their price points directly compete with console videogames.

The only kink I see in their strategy is the way they are marketing. Traxxas isn't a household name so people seeing their large logo on a sign hanging at a monster truck rally won't be as impactful. I feel that they should focus more on RC using a headline like - THE RC REVOLUTION IS HERE. ARE YOU READY? - Traxxas - The headline should be the primary element with the logo still readable but not overpowering the headline. People will respond to that and the net result will more hits on their website.

I do see that they are using their capital wisely but it also shows that they didn't invest it in a branding firm and if they did, they need to hire a new one because they dropped the ball. The last branding firm I worked for would have done a much better job at selling RC to the public.

Keep on truckin Traxxas! I just bought an E-Maxx and soon a Rustler VXL. Great products. Use my knowledge. I beg you! (Yes I am a Start Wars geek)
Yea, But they do sponsor a monster truck team and a corr off road truck team. they need to that on the trucks !!
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