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Originally Posted by TryHard View Post
Well, had the frist run out with my Mini and it's exige this weekend. What can I say, it was excellent, car ran flawlessly all day. Only issues was when I bolted on brand new S-grips, (rather than the worn M's) way too much steering! Think I need to go to 6mm of shims in the rear shocks when running the S's. Still motor and battery performed faultlessly, and was really suprised with the level of brakes the car has

Did a bit of an endurance run at one point, and with a Orion 3200 LiPo, was at 20mins runtime before I decided to pull the car off, rather than risk the pack (even with a LiPo cutoff enabled on the speedy). Makes running the car easy, as just need to top up the pack for each run.
Interestingly enough, the motor was barely even warm, so really happy with it. Now just to get the BL2 motor, and away we go.

Oh, also picked up a foam bumper (by Square, here) for the mini too, works really well, and helps protect the shell wonderfully

I see you are running 60D's up front, what are you running in the rear?

Also are you guys gluing the rubber to the rims?
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