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Originally Posted by syndr0me View Post
Marc's car looks as bone stock as can be. With Tamiya's history, I kind of figured we'd see them testing new parts by now. I'm glad to see they're spending some time with the current chassis, figuring it out. I guess maybe they've already done that, the wins keep piling up.

I wish we knew for sure whether or not Tamiya was going to release 416 toe blocks. I've been holding off for a while now in hopes that they're coming. Since I need to buy them all, I'd like to get it right the first time.

So, with the spool, what parts should I stock up as spares? I've never run one before, but I know they're hard on the drive train (and fragile) so I'm guessing I need to grab a few things.
To be honest, I'm not really suprised they aren't testing new bits. I think the only new it on that car is the new spool, but we know about that anyway!
If they are any other new bits, we'll probably see them at the worlds, as they tend to like testing in secret

Are we sure thats Marc's car? I would have thought it's Jilles', given the Speedpassion Motor, and SMC Batteries. But I may be wrong, and it possible Marc has switched from Checkpoint (although you would have thought there would be an announcement about him changing).

As for the spool, yes they can be hard on the drivetrain, but not overly so I find. The main issue is the strain they put on the rest of the driveline during a crash, as there's no give like a diff or oneway. Indoors, I've gone back to using steel drivecups on the spool (need to buy a TA05 spool for this, and use it's drivecups. Unfortuantly, I can't get hold of them seperatly), and there's no issue of fragility. On bigger outdoor tracks, using the delrin ones are fine

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