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I so far am having good luck with 3M weather strip adhesive. It's yellow. Whatever you decide to use be sure to follow the directions. Scuff the mating surfaces of the pad and plate with 200 grit using a figure 8 motion. Clean the mating surfaces with motor spray or anything else that comes in an aerosol can that evaporates very quickly and has a warning label on it stating that the product in the can will kill you etc. Let the parts air dry. Find something that fits the holes of the plates and pads perfectly (shafts of your rc tools). Stick the pads to there perspective plates, align these assemblies pad face to pad face then stick them in a vise. Use light clamping pressure.
Next morning remove them. Remove the excess adhesive from the out-side edges with an x-acto or roto tool. The holes that the pins run threw; you can use a body reamer from the pad side or visit a local tool house and buy a metric drill bit or ream of the exact size.
MAKE SURE you glue the pads rite side up and be SURE that the pad assemblies "float" on there pins.
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