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I think there needs to be some hesitation when we talk about MAINSTREAM.

If we are talking about bringing the people back, Im all for it. This hobby has had its ups and downs. I think that has been a shift over the years. What was once a "Park and Club" type of sport, has slowly been replaced with corporate tracks with fees etc. Those tracks have slowly been replaced or gone out of business.

I also WHOLE-HEARTEDLY feel that people in this hobby have done it to themselves because they choose to buy parts online and not through the LHS. Many of those LHSs have disappeared because of that. The RC Hobby, is a VERY small niche. I've worked for 2 different HSs. One was very small and supported a small community. The prices were fair but due to its size, many things required Special Orders and deposits. The shop closed, partially due to a fall in business but also because the ower moved on to different things.

The 2nd LHS i worked for has a strong reputation and has been in business for over 30 years. Family run, they have the inventory and stock on hand and a knowledgeable staff. They have managed to survive where other LHSs have died. Another LHS actually had an on-site Track, but closed a year or so ago I think. It was THE spot for outdoor offroad racing and I remember before I got into RC going to watch people at the track. Its unfortunate but part of what happens in this industry.

I think to make this mainstream or at least get people back into the hobby, Demo days, racing in public areas, places where its likly to get attention from outside sources. Im working right now on setting up a Demo day for a different LHS to try and drumb up new interest and also to showcase a different element of RC (Drifting). Im trying to get involvement from some local clubs to draw some local racers and showcase some of the elements of RC. My HOPE is that we can attract new interest to the hobby.

I think people need to go out and form clubs, find places to set up tracks, talk to local parks/and rec to get areas set aside for a track and get more visual to the public.

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