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Hey Gary, we are going to be running again thursday, 6:00 again. To bad you weren't there. The track we set-up wasn't to bad actually. Rick from wonderland told some other people about the race and they came out, it was this Eric kid (he's got a NMT, his dad has a old maxx w/trx.15, and his friend has a nitro rustler he's trying to fix), about my age, and his Dad, and I think his friend. Eric's dad brought a really nice table top ramp, like Roberts ramps. Robert wasn't able to bring his ramps, but he's getting them for next time.

I'm going to be gone this weekend, so I won'y be able to run with ya, but I'm back on monday and I'm going to pull those tires out of the way with my quad.

I bought some new gladiator 2 tires and they hook up really well on the grass. Also Mikel came out and would have been able to run with you, he's got a Ofna GT also, but he blew 2 diff's unfortunately. Mabye Robert will get his 1/8th running and the guy with the other 1/8th you met at wonderland could make it out.

Me and robert had some pretty decent races.

I'll probably call you this week. Hopefully you'll be able to come out this time. And we wil be abel to make a better track. Mabye get some of the that flexible tubing for the lanes and corners.
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