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Originally Posted by wade7575 View Post
I was wondering how many people use the DuraTrax IntelliPeak AC/DC Digital charger the one with the LCD screen.I'am getting a Hitec Aggressor and it has a diode in the Transmitter to fool peak chargers.I was wanting to charge my Transmitter Batterys with that peak charger and was going to use a 8 cell AA Battery Holder made by Hitec part number 54409 and was going to use sanyo 700 or 1100 mah AA.The thing I was wondering is do the Intellipeak struggle with charging AA cells I know some struggle with this.I know you should not chargre them at more than 1 AMP and understand how to care for Batterys.I just want to know if this charger false peaks alot when charging AA cells.
Well, i've had this charger before, but i'm not sure if I ever tried to charge AA batteries?? Honestly in owning this charger & now upgraded to the ICE charger, I would have saved my self the hastle and bought the ICE in the first place. Its a much better charger in just the functions it has & how easy it is to use, & I have charged AAbatts on the ICE no problem
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