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Originally Posted by boscoj View Post
Noob (3 weeks) currently trying setups on a tight technical clockwise carpet course. The record on the current track configuration is 7.62. I'm futzing around in the low 9's. There are 10 turns, 7 are right and 3 are left.

I'm focusing to much on the course.

My real question is, how do you "square up" the front end relative to the rear? Is there a surefire way to center the steering "rack" and make sure your tie rods are the same length?

Then, what toe would you run? The only way I can get my car to turn in is with about -3 camber and what looks to be about 3mm total toe out?

I know I'm doing many things wrong but what say you?

I am fairly new my self, but have found that the tires and the bodies make a difference on the way your car performs. Different bodies put downforce in different areas some get more rear traction others more front then some are neutral. Different compound tires also make a difference, I found the best for tires is just run what every one else runs.
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