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Im gonna 2nd EVERY SINGLE WORD max has said.....CEO does 1/10 of what max does to a mill....Plain and simple...CEO LOST Hp on a C6 mod....and the Dyno Proved it.....yes it boils down to how much power ur tires/traction can take...but when u have a Ballz out TRUE 2+hp stands out and people ask about for a C6 being the Fastest motor far from...its Fast....but takes some Serious timing changes to make it......also like Max said...U want a Crazy Race .28 the Ninja is what u want....Max is Not a normal modder....he actually takes the time to learn the motor and time it before he even thinks about cutting into it.....RARELY will he bust out the dremel to do any cutting...95% of his work is By HAND with jewelery files..on the INSIDE of the sleeve...Not the outside which "looks purdy to N00bs"...but in all out reality does NOTHING for the smoothness and efficiency of the mill....we also bore the crank and ramp the window which decreases a bit of case volume giving Much better milage.....there's WAY more to it..that i wont get into...because thats Max's bread and butter...But i can DARN WELL GUARENTEEEEE u....that there is NO OTHER modder out there like max....PLAIN AND SIMPLE. 2.4HP P3...Nuff said.
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