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Hi, brand new poster here.

Ive had my TA04 for about 6 months now, over time its been abused and neglected, recently Ive started to hop it up a bit.

Blue racing steering set
Blue aluminum Motorplate
Blue aluminum spur gear holder
Carbon fibre top plate, shock towers
CVD's all around
HPI super racing shocks

Novak Dually ESC
D5 10turn motor
XR2 pistol and radio
Expert servo

Set up-
120 spur
A rather laege pinion
Rear=Slight toe in at rear as well as a 1 degree camber
Front=3 degree camber, no toe
Ride hight is pretty low

Primaraly used for bashing around and high speed runs, looking to make more racable, puting in chamelion pro stocker.

Just thought id say hi!
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