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I fully understand every modder will mod a motor to what they feel is the best they can get out of it. From what I have seen thus far many modders will over time try to perfect their mods and will make changes along the way, could be a small change here and there to find the perfect mod. A modded motor from 15 years ago may not have the exact same mod done now for many reasons, though parts will look like they are. I have tried many modded motors, JP, TnT, RB, Hott Mods, Dadders to name a few and all have had better than stock power. CEO is right there with the rest im my opinion and on my 367 he did up for me the crank did have a timing change on it from the stock crank. To what degree? I don't know, the cool part here is I don't need to know other than it works better than a stock 367. I know, the dyno says different but the dyno is not the be all end all for a motor. Take a look at some of the elec. 27 turn motors with a dyno lable put on them. All are different and not always the motor with the highest dyno rating turns out to be the best in car. Many times I have used a elec. motor that according to the label should have been a slug and came out to be one of the fastest motors I had run. To me is like the Factory specs. for any nitro motor on claimed Hp. The key word here is claimed and if it is not ststed as such in the spec. sheet, it should be. Many guys I know will buy a motor based on that spec. alone and don't understand why their high Hp spec.'d motor won't out run a motor with a lower spec.'d Hp rating. Yes there are many factors that go with that, but that is what I hear from those guys. I have been asked what kind of power spec's my motor has and I tell those that ask, I don't know but its more than what they run.
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