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i've tried asking questions directed to ceopowermods support email.

basically i'm not impressed so far, but most feedback from people
who have used the service seems very positive.

i wrote him a paragraph of questions,
and 4 days later i got a one sentance reply.
not even answering all my questions.

tried to email him 2 more times, and its been 5 days since.
no reply.

is this the type of service to expect from ceopowermods?

really all i was asking the guy was what exactly do i need
to send in, which now i know is just the engine. no glow plug etc.

also, do you pay for the return shipping after the mod is done?
does he contact you with a bill for that or what?

thanks for any info.

i would also except alternative engine break in links,
as customer inquiry should be pretty high on someones list.
its really easy to take 30 seconds to answer an email, ya know :/
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