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Originally posted by Evoracer
Hi Xray drivers.
I need your advice. I have a post currently asking the question ...Tamiya 414 vs Xray E2?? I think I'm leaning toward getting an Xray so i could really use some honest opinions about the car. I'm not looking to justify performance....I think the Xray AND the 414 have proven themselves. What I'm looking for is comments about the quality and ease of maintenence of the car. I'm so tired of dealing with a top of the line car(currently drive the Tamiya Evo 3) that is a bitch to do even simple work on. I also find myself leaning toward belt drive again.
Is the Xray as easy to maintain, repair and tune as it appears??? I'd appreciate your comments. PM me if you prefer. Thanks

Once your initial set-up is done, it is almost (notice I said almost) maintenece free. The car is very logical and easy to work on. Like with all cars, things do break but the fit and finishes on this car is down right precise. There should be any problems. Do make sure you get the optional Spring Steel front wheel hubs as the Duraluminium ones will bend and catch the bearings.

Good luck with your choices.

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