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Originally Posted by Roadburn View Post
Ya this gets really bad, I'm glad it's not just me. Posting a reply seems like it takes days. Let me know if ya guys want to move. I'd be up for it. Hey Theo, are u using tire warmers? Not that it would make a dramatic change but it would make things more consistant.

i used tire warmers the past couple times does help out for like 3 laps...the car is dialed...but then you start noticing them loose grip...but it s not hard to maintain what you had going...

i did some wrenching on the rdx at altoona track tonight.and since i have been to both places and know that altoona has way more bite than marshalls does..well thats how i set the rdx up..i made it have so much steering so it would wash out...hopefully when i take it there on sunday it will be just what i was looking for.if it does need more steering wrenching i will.

i still might run rubber tire there.but like i said before i want to get a pack thrue it and see how it feels for me..
A big thx to all the tracks that I race at:cause if it wasnt for these guys..we wouldnt have a place to race our r/c cars!!!
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