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Originally Posted by teammidget lilB View Post
I ran this weekend at MDI where the state race is this coming weekend. I tested a few things like stiffer chassis and some different bodies. I ran the 2.5mm chassis and really liked it because when I made an adjustment to my car it made a big difference and I feel it made the car more consistant. Some of the different bodies I tried was the East Coast Mazda, East Coast IS 250, East Coast Euro R, and a Protoform Mazda 6. After testing all day I find out that I like the IS 250 because it has a lot of steering and pretty twitchy. The Euro R would probly be a good body for a big track it seems a little lazy. The East Coast Mazda is really good when all the steering from the IS 250 isn't needed. When I showed up to the track my car was pushy on exit but I raised my front diff to the high position and put the IS 250 on it and my car was DIALED!!!

Hi Brian...

I did notice that your first run the car was slower, probably due to the pushing you mentioned. But by the 3rd pack the car was really up to speed. It had nice steering and looked as smooth as my Type R

I might run mod class, so for this I'll have to whip out my Mi3 which can handle mod duties much better...the Type R diff outdrives/cups will probably melt after a couple runs.

I havent run my Mi3 for like 4 months feels weird to me after driving Type Rs for a few months, but I'm sure I'll get used to it in no thing I do remember from it is that its super stable and smooth, and has really good acceleration....only pblm for me was trying to get it to be reactive...Cyclone reactive/twitchy.

Using PW MDI 2007 set up as a base, and considering Adrians once-in-a-life-time lucky set up he posted a page back, I gotta say there's been some changes for the MI3...

2.5mm chassis, EU08 top deck, and holy crap: parts costs have gone up big time! I was going to make an order from ShUSA and front wishbones are like $14(previously like $12), the track rod set is like $20(previously like$11), top decks are $24...

it must be the economy and the fact that the US dollar is like $1 for 1.70 british pounds---this hurts...luckily I have some spares still so I'll pass on orders untill I find lower prices or get extra cash.
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