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I ran this weekend at MDI where the state race is this coming weekend. I tested a few things like stiffer chassis and some different bodies. I ran the 2.5mm chassis and really liked it because when I made an adjustment to my car it made a big difference and I feel it made the car more consistant. Some of the different bodies I tried was the East Coast Mazda, East Coast IS 250, East Coast Euro R, and a Protoform Mazda 6. After testing all day I find out that I like the IS 250 because it has a lot of steering and pretty twitchy. The Euro R would probly be a good body for a big track it seems a little lazy. The East Coast Mazda is really good when all the steering from the IS 250 isn't needed. When I showed up to the track my car was pushy on exit but I raised my front diff to the high position and put the IS 250 on it and my car was DIALED!!!

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