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I had an outing yesterday with the 416 on an entirely new track that was nearly twice as large as the one I'd been running on. It also used Jack instead of Paragon, which took some getting used to. It may not smell, but that stuff is WAY more nasty and dirty than Paragon. The temporary track is on a crowned surface, so there's some interesting moments where the suspension will unload and then load again, almost like you're going over a jump, but without actual air time. It looks odd when the car does it, but it actually handled the bumps like a champ, and really didn't give me much trouble. I raised the front roll center to do away with some mid-corner hooking, and the car felt pretty darn good, especially as the traction came up.

I've been flirting with the idea of trying the car on foams, since the foam class here runs 10.5 motors, and I'd love to stretch out on this big track. I just haven't heard anything positive about the 416 on foams, so I'm a little wary of possibly wasting a race day trying to get it dialed in. Plus, you know... foams. Yuck.
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