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Originally Posted by JimmyMac View Post
Uhhh, I will get back to you on that. If weather is nice tomorrow, I am suppose to do some setup testing on asphalt. That's what I normally race. I will do a direct comparison test for you with just a 3 degree setting. And then a 1.5 degree setting. And I will get back to you on that. I do have a general idea of what's its done in the past. But I want to be sure. I think in the past it let the rear end break free easier. And might of increased on power steering to a certain point. Where more toe made the car push out on power. However, I had an odd instance on carpet with foams (on my EvoIV) where more rear toe made my car rotate quicker (or better) in a hair pin turn. Either that, or is just made it more stable which seemed to make it rotate better.
Thanks, that all makes sense. I'm going to try 2 degrees of toe this weekend and see what happens. Regardless, if I make the main or not I will post my setup afterwards. And I picked up a Mazda 6 to try so hopefully that helps too.
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