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Default Thunder RC Nashville, TN Indoor Winter Blast CASH PAYOUT Feb. 23rd

Last time we had a big race like this in december we had over 100
entries come out and take home some money...

I'll be adding more details as I get them ironed out. In addition I
will add $1 per entry in each class to the winners cash payout. so if
you have 25 8th buggies the winner will get an extra $25 for the win
on top of the regular payout.

We will also be changing the main order like some of you have
suggested run the d's all nitro classes, c's all nitro classes, b's
all nitro classes, then a's of each nitro class. Electric will still
be run first that part won't change.

we will try and get an air horn for the start of the mains so there is
less confusion and we'll use it at 5 min intervals so you guys can
know approx. what time you are into the race.

We will be having a friday night warm up race just like last time for
those that want it. $10 entry 2 heats and a main. we got done at
midnight or so last time.

here are some details below that we have so far.

Open at 7am
Racing at 11am
entries close at 10am
3 heats and mains 1st
$30 Nitro classes 50% payback
$25 Electric classes 40% payback
$20 Sportsman 25% payback

Pay out to top 5 each class
1st 40%
2nd 25%
3rd 15%
4th 12%
5th 8%

(Nitro classes)
8th Buggy
10th Gas Truck
CRT .5

(Electric classes)
Open 2wd Truck
19 2wd Buggy (10.5 brushless or 19 brushed)
Mod 4wd Buggy

I would just like to remind all the nitro people that we lock 6 in the 8th classes and 8 in the 10th classes and bump 2. this is nitro only no bumps in electric. we ARE running IFMAR STARTS in the QUALIFING which means that you are on your own clock so when the buzzer goes off you don't all go at once. you go one at a time. first round in the 12345 order that is on the heat sheet then in a 54321 order, and for the third round as you qualified in the heat resort. YOU the driver need to know YOUR position that you are in and only go out in ORDER. don't screw up someone elses race. Also don't crowd the line on the qualifing start it might cause you to miss a lap and I'm not putting it back.
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