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Well the Schumacher Mi3 is probaly the easiest car to work on and make go fast. If you do go Mi3 I can garentee you will have so much fun playing around with all the different simple changes that you can do.

Like changing the top deck to flexi standed stiff or '08
or changing the dif heights with two screws..
It really is the easiest car to work on.

if you really start getting into the hobby and start touring around the country and then around the world you would probaly want a Hot Bodies because no matter where you go there will be somebody to help you out.

Otherwise, run what the majority is running at your club because then you will be able to help each other out when you have problems, or get what evere you local hobby shop (LHS) sell because you can always drop buy and ask for a part and some advice.

good luck finding a car that suits you
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