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Originally Posted by jayliu1984 View Post
Hi, I have just start this hobby and I have some questions regarding the battery issues. I did extensive research on getting most juice out of batteries. Now I am stuck on this.

1. Should I discharge Ni-mh from time to time.
2. If so, is it safe to discharge it to empty (lower than 0.9v recommended) using a 0.5A current.
3. How come the 3000 nimh runtime on stock WheelyKing doesn't seem twice as much as 1500 NiCd. It's more like 20 min vs 25 min.

Also, on the side note. Can I use a peak charger to charge normal AA cells (ie, pluging 2 wires into my Remote Controller and charge those 8 NIMH cells all together. Ain't 6-cell is just 6 battery connected in series?


1. yes thats a good idea
2. probably not a good idea. discharge to about 1v per cell to be on the safe side, especially if they're stick packs.
3.it depends on the battery quality. old cells won't work as well, especially if they've not been discharged.

and yes, you can use your charger to do AA's, but at no more than 1A.
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