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This is going to take him a lot of time. First, he will need to take dimensions off a stock gearbox and arm, then make a drawing, then convert it to a dxf, then import it and mess with the g-code until he gets everything right. Next, he'll have to buy the material, cut it to size, make a jig to set it up properly, make sure he has the right tooling, make a few, then finally work the bugs out and get one perfect. There is a learning curve with anything as complex as a gearbox. You're asking a lot, especially considering how inexpensive parts are. My advise: Buy your parts and let him enjoy his life.

If he's doing it manually, it'll take even longer.

Originally Posted by stoptherockets3 View Post
My grandfather is a Machinist and before I ask him to make the gear box housing, the chassis, and the controll arms into aluminum I want to know if he can do this, has anyone every made their own parts? He is going to also anodize them all and make them purple!
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